Biotope celebrates 20 years : the celebratory work !

Biotope celebrates 20 years : the celebratory work !

20 years of observing nature...

Letting you discover nature as you’ve never seen it…Such is our promise in this anniversary retrospective collection of images taken between 1993 and 2013 by Biotope’s naturalists and collaborators. Under water, on land, or in the air, these photos illustrate the marvels and the beauty of life in all the great regions of the world.

From Europe to the Arctic, from Africa to the Indian Ocean, from Asia to the Americas and Australia…Biotope’s team of nature-lovers commit themselves to let you (re) discover our planet’s wonders and share with you their insights into the natural world and better take care of it.

This publication is available at Club Biotope

20 ans de regards sur la nature