Biotope Chine - Feilan

Wetland of Panjin - Crédits : X. Rufray, Biotope

Biotope Chine - Feilan

International excellence in service to ecological engineering

Created in 2014, Feilan is Biotope’s affiliate in China. Our objective is to develop and advance the expertise of France’s leading ecological engineering consulting firm in a country hosting some of the world’s most biodiverse areas while at the same time facing critical environmental challenges.

Biotope China provides environmental consulting excellence aimed at clarifying and resolving economic development, conservation, sustainability, and ecosystem services. Our land development services integrate expertise in urban planning, transportation and energy infrastructure with value-added economic activities spanning the ecotourism to agro-ecology sectors.

Our dynamic multi-disciplinary team at Feilan is comprised of local and international experts responsive to the demands of business and government, as well as financial backers such as the French Development Agency.

Photo naturaliste, ornithologie - Crédits : X. Rufray, Biotope.

Photo naturaliste, ornithologie - Crédits : X. Rufray, Biotope.

Feilan projects

Biological species inventories and surveys

Design and implementation plans for ecological restoration and management, particularly with respect to wetlands,

Environmental impact studies for all types of development projects as well as ecological risk management services and advice,

Training and capacity building in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development of resources and regions,

Communications, publishing house and printed book marketing: graphic design, communication strategies, brochures and professional naturalist guides and publications.

For more details, please download our brochures about conservation, à water and wetlands and urban planning or contact our offices in Beijing.