A multidisciplinary team

Coenagrion pulchellum - Photo : T. Roussel, Biotope

A multidisciplinary team

Our team hosts numerous fields of expertise

The strength of Biotope is essentially driven by its human capital. Today, the firm employs some 240 individuals, amongst the best environmental experts.

This team is comprised of various and complementary profiles, all of whom possess an excellent level of expertise in their respective fields. With its structure, naturalist experts of every group exchange with those that have profiles that are more generalist and all can count on a support service that is reactive and hands-on.

Expert naturalist in action, Hérault, France - Photo : V. Koch, Biotope.

There are almost as many specializations in the environmental field as there is in the biodiversity that surrounds us. To better understand this diversity, here is a compendium of existing profiles at Biotope:

These people are specialists of fauna and flora who...
In parallel with the expertise of our naturalists,...
Logistical or technical, these people are essential to the...