Our corporate mission statement

 Coenagrion pulchellum - Photo : T. Roussel, Biotope

Our corporate mission statement

Above all, Biotope is today :

  A human adventure. Its colleagues are passionate about nature; driven by the need to deliver quality solutions, in harmony with their ethics.

  A business at the cutting edge of innovation. Biotope bridges the gap between innovative technologies and professionals in the field of ecological expertise.

  The leading environmental consultancy on the market. An international corporation benefitting from multiple agencies in France and abroad; independent, Biotope has more than 10 years of continuous growth..

Our values

  Independence, from any financial, industrial, administrative or other group, 100% of the capital of our business is held by its employees. This independence provides the assurance of objectivity for our clients.

•  Quality, that drives us to attain excellence and to innovate in our practice.

•  Attentive, prioritizing the needs of our clients and at the forefront of the evolving fields in which Biotope practices.

•  Passion, passion for the environment for which Biotope’s ambition is to advance humanity’s relationship with natural world.

Anthaxia Hungarica femelle - Photo : V. Koch, Biotope



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