HydroGaïa Tradeshow at the Expo Park in Montpellier

HydroGaïa Tradeshow at the Expo Park in Montpellier

Biotope (all services combined) - June 2013

Biotope participated in the 3rd edition of the international water tradeshow. HydroGaïa attracts participants from around the world attended by nearly 3500 people from 38 countries. HydroGaïa’s objective is to become a networking exchange event between businesses and qualified professionals, development partners, and government representatives from France and abroad.

For this occasion, Biotope presented a seminar on the water theme with images from the publications appearing end of 2013 in Biotope publication called: ‘Fresh water of the Alps / Verdon Gorge, other faces’.

Exposition Biotope sur le salon HydroGaïa de Montpellier - Crédits : Biotope.

For this 3rd edition, over 40 people representing 23 different countries, invited from the Swelia Region : Burma, Burundi, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Ethiopia, Guinée Conakry, Haïti, Jamaica, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Mozambique, Palestine, Peru, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Senegal, Chad, Togo, Vietnam. This diversity of participating countries reflects the dynamic nature of target markets in the realm of water resources, as much around the Mediterranean Basin as in North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

HydroGaïa provides a forum for all market opportunities and for this edition of the 2013 Chamber of Commerce and French Industry in China (Beijing), informed industry representatives, provided data and key elements of the Chinese market, made recommendations, and pointed out key characteristics enabling access to the Chinese market. In fact, the rapid urbanization of China is a source of opportunity for French businesses in the water sector. This aspect was important for Biotope as it positions itself for a strong presence China.

The tradeshow site : http://www.hydrogaia-expo.com

HydroGaïa Montpellier - Credits : Biotope.