Zinsel trajectories- Photo : C. Roemer, Biotope


Acoustic flight path reconstruction of bats

The Sonospot project is developed with the aim of tracking bats flight paths, thereby collecting useful information for ecological assessment: flight height, direction, speed and even an accurate characterization of behaviour (foraging, transit, response to spatial features, vehicle avoidance, etc.).

Bats offer the advantage of emitting calls very regularly in order to find their way, which allows in return localising them. In this purpose, several microphones receive the emitted sounds and send them to synchronous recorders. Time delays between microphones are measured in order to determine by the mean of an algorithm bats’ positions in space.

Please find a presentation of latest developments of Sonospot given at the International Bat Research Conference in August.

Sonospot illustration - Photo : C. Roemer, Biotope.

Height wind farm - Photo : C. Roemer, Biotope.

Sonospot applications

Sonospot enriches ecological assesments at several levels :

A more objective estimation of collision risks by quantifying the number of individuals potentially impacted and the length of exposure to the risk in the framework of projects such as wind turbines, roads, railways and much more ;

A detailed analysis of bats’ behaviour which allows notably testing the efficiency of bat-friendly measures such as under-road passageways, anti-collision barriers, hop-overs... ;

The modelling of the detection process which will soon enable the translation of measured activity rates into bat densities and to thereby quantify population sizes.