Herbier, Revellata (Corsica) - Photo : H. Lagrange, Biotope.


A multi-function innovative buoy for the monitoring of marine biodiversity

The project SIMEO – Ecological Monitoring Instrumental Station in the Ocean – plans to develop a range of marine stations equipped with floating buoys dedicated to the observation of marine vertebrates and their environments. It is a collaborative project headed by Biotope with partners including Nke Electronics, the IRD, the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER), the Mer PACA and Brittany agencies, Transfer LR and Oséo.

The principal is to equip an autonomous buoy with several instruments (radar, sonar, video system…) which will allow continual monitoring in order to capture underwater data of a biological, meteorological, physical and hydrological nature and relay this pool of data to land for analysis.

SIMEO - Photo : Biotope.

Photo : F. Melki, Biotope.

Applications of SIMEO

At a time when renewable marine energy (EMR) is in the process of development, taking the marine environment into consideration is an increasingly important issue. In the marine monitoring domain, SIMEO is an achievement that allows the analysis and the synthesis of unique information in order to assist decision support tools:

• In the framework of impact assessments for planning projects like offshore wind farms.

• For the surveillance of protected marine areas (AMP).

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