Wind farm - Photo : M. Prat, Biotope.


Today, energy is a major challenge to overcome. France draws on a range of energy sources (non-renewable fuels, hydroelectric power, wind, solar...) and therefore relies on a variety of support infrastructures. From inception, through the planning and construction phases, each step must take into account the environment and possible impacts to biodiversity. In addition, the increasing prevalence of renewable energy projects requires, even more urgently, the assistance of consultants capable of successfully completing projects that entrusted to them.

Biotope has interceded for over 20 years on these issues and has always maintained their independent status, thereby guaranteeing the highest standards of ethics and exemplary project management.

Solar panel in Narbonne - Photo : M. Prat, Biotope.

Below is a selection of case studies for different energy, as well as related, projects. To view, click on the dedicated thumbnail.

Hydro-electric energy requires significant instream works.
As wind power gains traction, projects must comply with the...
Biotope has worked on several natural gas projects.
Renewable engery projects require installations on which...