Coenagrion pulchellum - Photo : T. Roussel, Biotope


Biotope finances projects and missions that respond to criteria which include the protection or the discovery of natural areas and the sharing of knowledge through inclusive dialogue with local stakeholders (especially residents and those responsible for protected areas).

Some examples of projects where Biotope is committed :

Operation Canopy - Laos 2012 - Photo : X. Rufray, Biotope

Laos 2012

Two of Biotope’s expert ornithologists are participating in Operation Canopy. This project is a biodiversity inventory of forest canopy in Laos.

Mozambique 2011 - Photo : Biotope

Mozambique 2011

This is a conservation program in Zambezia Province consisting of rehabilitating the Gile National Reserve. Biotope provided financial support and four experts to the project lead, IGF Foundation, over a three week period.

Sénégal 2009 - Photo : Biotope

Sénégal 2009

Biotope produced the first Marine Protected Area management plan for the Sine-Saloume Delta in West Africa.

Marocco 2008 - Photo : V.Prié, Biotope

Maroc 2008

Bat surveying in one of Africa’s largest caves (Wit-Tandoum region) by a team of speleologists with French and Moroccan naturalists.