Since its inception, Biotope and its teams are frequently recognized through the business entreprise awards :


> Regional prize-winner of the Innovation Trophy for the INPI for 2012.


> Special award from the jury in the « Infrastructures for mobility and biodiversity » competition for Biotope’s North Coast office and the CG 59 (Regional Council), in 2012.


> Winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the Mediterranean Region, in the Green Business category for 2011.

F. Melki - Crédits : Biotope


> In 2011 dual winner of the Ambition Prize (regional award and national award), in the Sustainable Development category.


> Winner in 2011 of the Performance Prize in the Growth category.


> Winner in 2010 of the Businesses and Environment Award, honourable mention in « Idea for biodiversity» for the ChiroTech© system.

Businesses and environment award - Anne-Lise Ughetto and Hubert Lagrande - Credits: A.Bouissou, MEDDTL


> Double winner of the Masters for the letter M in 2010 with the regional Master and Master of Technological Innovations..


> Winner in 1993 of the Jacques Douce Association competition for the creation of the business.