Expert Naturalists

Coenagrion pulchellum - Photo : T. Roussel, Biotope

Expert Naturalists

> Expert Naturalists

These people are specialists of fauna and flora who undertake naturalist research (field research and desk research) for the projects on which they intervene.

Batracologist - Photo : A. Dhellemme, Biotope.

Batrachologists (amphibian experts)

Expertise: egg and larvae counts, diurnal and nocturnal reproductive research in target habitat (ponds, ditches, canals… ), call survey species inventories, installing and monitoring drift fences / pit-fall traps, lantern walking and population inventories.

Oxyrhopus formosus - Photo : V. Rufray, Biotope.

Herpetologists (reptile experts)

Expertise: various field inventory techniques (‘herping’), habitat identification (rock walls, debris falls… ), cover boarding (wood, PVC, or metal temporary artificial habitat creation), population surveys and counts.

Malacologist - Photo : V. Prié, Biotope.

Malacologists (mollusc experts)

Expertise: species inventories, Habitat Directive listed species research, diversity diagnoses, desk research reports, habitat inventories and sampling: mountainous and wooded terrain, anthropogenic, aquatic, subterranean and hyporheic environments.

Ichtyologists - Photo : Biotope.

Ichtyologists (fish experts) 

Expertise: Description and analysis of fish habitats (description of dispersal features, particle size analysis, current velocity and depth… ), redd and spawning habitat identification, stream crossing assessments, specific species targeted research (Sculpin , Apron, White-clawed crayfish… ).

Hydrobiologist - Photo : L. Philippe, Biotope.

Hydrobiologists (aquatic biology experts) 

Expertise: Biological analysis of aquatic environments (watercourses, springs, lakes…), sampling surveys, fish habitat evaluation, freshwater macroinvertebrate assessments (IBGN), expertise of cave-dwelling aquatic fauna and freshwater crayfish.

Ornithologist (Québec) - Photo : M. Prat, Biotope.

Ornithologists (bird experts) 

Expertise: Various sampling techniques including call and density surveys, nesting bird surveys, wintering and migratory bird surveys, migratory mapping and GIS services, population monitoring.

Entolmologist - Photo : A. Koch, Biotope.

Entomologists (insect experts)

Our experts are specialized in the following taxa : odonata, orthoptera, rhopalocera, saproxylic beetles and coprophagous (dung) beetles.

Expertise: Field surveys including capture by net, pitfall, aerial and light traps, sampling surveys, population and biomass assessments

Chiropterologist - Photo : J. Tranchard, Biotope.

Chiropterologists (bat experts)

Expertise: Daytime roost surveys, ultra sound detectors (Pettersson D240X with time expansion detectors), high altitude aerostat balloon surveys, radio tracking, AnaBat call detector, determination with software (SONOCHIRO), trajectography (SONOSPOT).

Botanist on mission - Photo : Biotope.

Botanists (flora and phytosociology experts)

Expertise: Quadrat and transect sampling, Braun Blanquet community classification, database analysis, use of Corine biotopes database, TAXREF 5 and EUNIS phytosociologic analysis, representativeness and typicity assessments.