Generalist Profiles

Coenagrion pulchellum - Crédits : T. Roussel, Biotope

Generalist Profiles

> Generalist Profiles

In parallel with the expertise of our naturalists, complimentary skills are needed to complete a project. 

Meeting between Project Managers and Biotope's clients. Copyright : Biotope.

Project managers

Expertise: project management, regulatory and authorization documentation, team logistics and management, report writing and editing, synopses and memoranda, client relations, advice to clients.

Copyright : Biotope.

Environmental monitoring and project delivery

Expertise: Management of turnkey projects, client services for project owners and contractors, implementation of regulatory and permitting obligations throughout the project, environmental monitoring and reporting, and site rehabilitation.

Example of cartography - Copyright : Biotope.


Expertise: Full-service GIS mapping and analysis, photo-interpretation and image analysis, 2D and 3D cartography, cartographic risk analysis and modelling.

Copyright : Biotope.

Landscape design experts

Expertise: Landscape analysis, environmental psychology, site planning, photo montages, and virtual landscape projection.

AVISCAN radar demo - Copyright : Biotope

Radar analysts

Expertise: Fauna behaviour analysis, in particular birds, for the purpose of impact assessments (on and offshore wind power, land-based infrastructure).