Support services

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Support services

> Support Services

Logistical or technical, these people are essential to the smooth delivery of projects at Biotope.

Administrative assistant, Biotope Centre Bourogne - Copyright : L. Daudin-Bonnefond, Biotope.

Administrative assistants

Expertise: administrative support, proof reading of contracts, software management, orders and purchasing, and communications.

LIbrary of Biotope Centre Bourgogne - Copyright : L. Daudin-Bonnefond, Biotope.

Information Managers

Expertise: Management of Biotope’s technical and scientific database (digital and print documents) including information procurement and technology watch, and bibliographic support for critical projects.


Environmental legal experts

Expertise: Assistance with projects subject to environmental regulations, providing legal advice and drafting synopses of legal opinion for project managers and expert naturalists, systematic evaluation of new national and European environmental regulations.


Corporate lawyers

Expertise: Risk assessment and prevention under corporate law, competitors, employment law, commerce law, and property and contract law. Litigation, dispute settlement, contract assistance, internal legal advice, and systematic evaluation of case law.

Without overlooking the support of the accounting, purchasing and IT services, as well as human resources.