Biotope in the Senate

Biotope in the Senate

Wildlife in the heart of the city

From September 20, 2014 to January 18, 2015, the Senate will welcome 80 photos from Philippe Martin for the « Hyper Nature » expo. 

From the shores of the Mediterranean to the tropical forests, the author dedicated himself to viewing plant and animal species, even common species, in a new light. The procedure used, (hyper-focus), allows the entire subject to be in complete focus, and puts the viewer into an unfamiliar, close-up world.  Hyperrealism and the oversized images puts the viewer squarely inside the scene, facing the subject at an unprecedented level of detail.

Displayed on the gates of the Luxembourg Gardens, the expo « Hyper Nature » fulfils the educational role Biotope seeks to promote, allowing viewers a virtual escape…



For more details on the expo, go to Biotope Sénat

Scorpion from Languedoc - Photo : P. Martin.