Opening of a new nature reserve at Saint Pol

Opening of a new nature reserve at Saint Pol

Biotope North Coast 23/05/2013

Last 23rd of May, attended by numerous participants and the local press, Compensation Measure N°4 at the gas terminal was unveiled under the title of "ENS des Hems Saint Pol!” This is a polder restoration project targeting shore bird intertidal habitat.

As a result, since 2005 Biotope, in their role as project management consultants have contributed to the elaboration of regulatory and scoping studies right through to the compensation phase of the project. In addition, Biotope’s communication section produced the interpretive signage for the site.  

Measure N°4 in figures:

  • 20 hectare wetland complex,
  • 130,000 m3 of Spengler’s freshwater mussel habitat,
  • Zero cubic meters of off-site soil (no dump truck traffic),
  • Four large natural habitat key objectives: pond, reed bed, mud flats and prairie,
  • Extra gentle gradients (2.4%) for maximum colonization by plants according to hygrometry characteristics,
  • Collaborative design since project inception,
  • Approximately 50 bird species native to the habitats.
Vue aérienne de l'ENS de Gravelines - Crédits : Biotope. Panneau de station pédagogique de l'ENS de Gravelines - Crédits: Biotope.

With all this habitat delivered and ready to go, several species (shore birds) have already been spotted. Only a few wintering duck species are missing from the list as well as a few songbirds that need better developed vegetation coverage.

Below is an article from the newspaper, La Voix du Nord with details on the migratory birds identified thus far and on the official opening of the nature reserve; « Gravelines, Les premiers oiseaux migrateurs ont investi l’espace naturel des Hems Saint-Pol ».


Vue aérienne de l'ENS de Gravelines - Crédits : Biotope.