Coenagrion pulchellum - Crédits : T. Roussel, Biotope.


The business of ecology

Animated by a shared passion for nature, Frédéric Melki, Thomas Menut and Michel Geniez anticipated the potential for ecological expertise as a professional enterprise. With this vision, Biotope emerged in 1993.

In operation for over 20 years now, Biotope combines the fields of ecological engineering, biodiversity conservation, naturalist outreach and communications.

Biotope combines consulting services in ecological engineering, hosts a recognized research facility as well as a communications and publishing house. 

Megaptera novaeangliae, La Réunion - Photo : J.-S. Phillipe, Biotope.

 Biotope currently offers a complete range of integrated services in the field of environmental expertise:

•  Consulting and capacity building ;

•  Ecological engineering ;

  Conservation and natural area management ;

  Research and development;

  Environmental communications ;

  Scientific and naturalist publications.

Naturalist in Peru - Photo : F. Melki, Biotope.

Key figures :

21 offices France and overseas

15.8 million in economic turnover in 2014

Nearly 30% annual growth for over 10 years

240 employees (2014) - average age 34 years old

7200 references in ecological engineering

160 references in the Biotope editions catalogue

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