Sustainable Development days at Orléans

Sustainable Development days at Orléans

Biotope Centre Burgundy – from June 3 - 9, 2013

The city of Orléans has organized a Sustainable Development day in early June. This year, the event will be an opportunity to provide activities around getting to know the bat populations that Biotope has monitored for several years.

Biotope Centre Burgundy has showcased bat-related activities over two nights in the Parc floral. These events hosted some fifty people. Amongst other benefits, they allowed the observations of a Common noctule colony entrance and the hunting activity of Daubenton's bat over the waters of the Loiret.

A presentation stand featuring bats in Nature village was installed by the city of Orléans. This stand, staffed by Biotope Centre Bourgogne, provided the opportunity for exchanges and networking related to bats for many people of Orléans.

The newspaper ‘La Nouvelle République du Centre’ captured the event in its columns :