Tropical Hyper Nature : First Place "French Book Prize" 2014

Tropical Hyper Nature : First Place "French Book Prize" 2014

Each year the book awards event, ‘La Nuit du Livre’® (Book Night) co-honours an author and publisher partnership for the best publications of the year in France.

Over 400 professionals in the publishing field get together each year since 2002 to provide a forum for the recognition of the best works produced over the past year in a dozen categories.

Thursday, March 6th, was awards day for the 12th edition of La Nuit du Livre®. Thirteen works achieved recognition for the synergy of content and form. The publication "Hyper Nature Tropical" by Philippe Martin in association with Biotope Publications were rewarded in the French book category. This prize recognizes a work that is entirely created and printed in France for its graphics, presentation and detail of illustrations, and the care and quality of publication which was entrusted to the printing house Chirat.

This prize recognizes the know-how developed by Biotope in the field of high quality book publications for over 20 years, evolving into ‘must-have’ in the naturalist publication field. The award is also recognition of the work by Philippe Martin, a naturalist photographer for over 40 years. An expert naturalist and tireless explorer of tropical forests, Philippe was able to uncover species with incredible shapes and colours for us, using his Hyper Focus technique. As a forerunner of this technology, he is able to present the viewer with images so real, they appear to be alive on page after page. These quasi 3D images are not really photos; they are more akin to “digital paintings” arising out of the fusion of dozens of pictures in the extreme conditions of the tropic forests.

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