Biotope Serbia - Biotope Doo

Serbian landscape - Photo : Biotope.

Biotope Serbia - Biotope Doo

Objectives and value added

The affiliate "Biotope Serbia" was created in October 2010. Since that date, its team has been committed to increasing its project base and expanding its client network. Several projects of varying scope have been entrusted to them.

For more information, visit the web site of Biotope Serbia or directly contact the offices of Biotope.

spermophilus citellus, Serbia - Photo : Biotope.
Pine forest, Serbia - Photo : Biotope.

Biotope Serbia Projects

Ecological engineering, with cartography of natural Serbian habitats.

Inventories of biodiversity, with inventories and monitoring of birds and bats in the context of projects for wind farms.

Public sector support and environmental education through thematic workshops on the European environmental directives.

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Biotope has provided expert advice for several projects in...