Advice and capacity building

On-site meeting - Photo : Biotope.

Advice and capacity building

Biodiversity strategy support

Biotope provides assistance with understanding the interactions between the project and the ecosystem within the regional context so that the interactions between the component parts can be developped in harmony with the environment. Assistance over the course of the project life can optimize environmental problem solving strategies.

Education and capacity building

Certified as a training and continuing education provider, Biotope is available for upgrading professional skills in the environmental theme (flora and fauna identification, ecology and management of natural areas, skills and knowledge in the environmental field). These courses can be modified and adapted for different levels such as government representatives, clubs and associations, or corporate entities.

Hedgerows, Mont des Flandres, northern France - Photo : Biotope.
Capacity building at the CNFPT - Photo : F. Cosnuau, Biotope.

Our approach

To assess the potential interactions and impacts, Biotope conducts environmental audits and diagnostics. Our interventions are targeted to ensure an optimal integration of biodiversity and provide a value-added component to the project.

The professional training programs are led by experienced instructors who develop their teaching material around concrete case-studies, site visits and interactions with area and site managers. Unique and exceptional insights are assured.

Our services :

Market surveying and client prospects ;

Corporate advice ;

Landscape design and landscape conventions (Landscape studies for regional assessments) ;

Urban and State Planning documents (SCOT), PLU ;

Regional planning strategies or Management plans for Ecologically Sensitive Natural Areas ;

Environmental Conventions and Charters ;

Scoping and elaboration of Regional Environmental Planning Strategies, Green and Blue Corridor planning  ;

Capacity building and ongoing education relating to compensation, modified natural area management and greenspece, impact assessments. 

Ladybug, Creuse, France - Photo : F. Cosnuau, Biotope.