SonoChiro® : identify bats

Geographic cover of six europeans classifiers - Credits : B. Garnier, Biotope

SonoChiro® : identify bats

A fast and automatic identification of bats

SonoChiro® is a software analysing automatically ultrasound recordings of bats. It detects every bat calls in input recordings, and then classify them in function of the numerous measures it would have performed on each of them.

The information is returned to user in order to simply obtain the list of detected bats, their identity (genus and species), their behaviour (flight rhythm, social and hunting activity) and a confidence index of each identifications made.

Please find a presentation of latest developments of SonoChiro given at the International Bat Research Conference in August.

Natalus mexicanus - Credits : Y. Bas, Biotope.

Interface of Sonochiro - Credits : A. Escallon and B. Garnier, Biotope.

SonoChiro applications

Three year after the initiation of this project, SonoChiro is used by a hundred of bat experts, saving them a considerable amount of time in their sound analysis, allowing them to collect much more data. For more informations for the software utilization, please download the manual of SonoChiro.

SonoChiro cover all European species but also species from oversea territory (la Réunion and Guyana). New species were recently added to the reference database and geographic coverage spreads to Central America, the whole Amazonian Basin, Lesser Indies and Maghreb. See here the new species lists for Neotropics.

This software technology is being fruitfully extended to other animal vocalisations such as amphibians in the Lesser Indies or birds of Europe.

To purchase SonoChiro, meet us at the Club Biotope. If you need more informations, please contact Biotope's Research and Development Service.