Innovation at Biotope

Dune habitat near Dunkerque (Clipon) - Photo : Y. Capon, Biotope.

Innovation at Biotope

Innovation in service to biodiversity

Since its creation, Biotope and its branches have consistently committed to working with the best tools and concepts to improving their performance.

In 2006, when the Research and Development service was created, Biotope was able to grow this section at a scale that met the needs for conceptual as well as practical innovation in various domains (acoustics, electronics, biostatistics, genetics and ecology).

Exchanges with the scientific community are ongoing because thanks to our team of researchers, our collaborations with other laboratories (in France and abroad), the nature of public-private partnerships with regards to tenders as well as collaboration with three student researchers with CIFRE (thesis internships).

Vespertilio murinus, Tara National Park in Serbia - Photo : J. Tranchard, Biotope.
Study of migration - Photo : G.Tavant, Biotope.

Investment and research program development

Biotope is invested in several programs of structured research around three complementary axes:

• The development of new tools for naturalist expertise allowing for the reinforcement of our inventory and analysis methods and to capitalize on the captured data.

• The study of groups of species, of ecosystems and of the services they provide to humanity. 

The development of measures or of technology limiting the impact of certain infrastructures.

These approaches reflect Biotope‘s commitment to preserving natural capital while developing responsive planning schemes.

For more information, download the download the presentation booklet or contact the service of Research and Development directly.