Water and ocean framework

Diver, source of the Buège, France - Photo : F. Melki, Biotope.

Water and ocean framework

Projects based in marine activities...

To improve our capacity in the face of the regulatory framework, notably the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and protect marine ecosystems, Biotope conducts environmental assessments specific to the challenges encountered in these environments.

Biotope provides services for operations related to offshore activities for government agencies and other institutional stakeholders of marine environments, including research and development and sustainable development of coastal areas.

Striped dolphin - Photo : V. Rufray, Biotope.

Trout habitat, Corsica - Photo : B. Adam, Biotope.

... and based in terrestrial aquatic environments and wetlands

The preservation of aquatic ecosystems and wetlands, and the biodiversity they support, can be a particularly sensitive issue today and truly a challenge to take on.

Since its inception, Biotope has worked in this sphere, whether the projects are restoration of fluvial corridors or on the functionality of aquatic environments and wetlands (implementation of development projects, inventories or identification of wetlands, management plans, creating wetland habitat, and species conservation).

Download Biotope’s pamphlet here for more information on its services linked to wetlands and aquatic ecosystems, including marine activities.


Below is a selection of projects dealing with aquatics and marine environments :

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