Nature conservation

Oka walkway, Québec - Photo : M. Prat, Biotope.

Nature conservation

The regulatory framework for protecting the environment has continued to evolve since Biotope’s inception and there are many ways to protect and retain our natural heritage. Selecting the best tools and actions for a given situation is essential to working in support of a fragile environment.

Biotope has always made itself available and provided assistance to decision makers in the conceptual, implementation and monitoring phases of protected areas, or in the delineation of the Natura 2000 network. The consultancy also dedicates itself to the planning phase of Ecologically Sensitive Areas (ESA) for nature reserves, costal conservation sites, and public spaces of local and regional government.

More than ever, Biotope is determined to apply its know-how to make protected areas viable at the local economic scale.

Rosalia alpina - Photo : F. Melki, Biotope.

Below is a selection of projects that Biotope has contributed solutions to on this issue. Click on the thumbnails for more details.

Biotope is committed to protecting natural reserves.
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