Biotope Madagascar

Beach in Madagascar - Photo : N. Aktar, Biotope.

Biotope Madagascar

Objectives and added value

Already established since 2003 on the island of Reunion, Biotope created an affiliate 100% Madagascan in Tananarive in January 2008 with the aim of creating a Madagascan ecological engineering sector. The challenge is to help guide the economic development of the country, in parallel with the preservation and the enhancement of its biodiversity which is unique but very fragile.

Biotope Madagascar is comprised of local experts, equipped with an excellent network (its clients include Ambatovy, Assist Development, Colas, PNUD and the National Office for the Environment, WWF, QMM, Practica Foundation and Sipromad).

For more information, download the presentation booklet on Biotope Madagascar or contact the offices in Tananarive directly.

Chinese shadows of Phelsuma - Photo : M. Souquet, Biotope.

Manankazo, Madagascar - Photo : M. Souquet, Biotope.

Biotope Madagascar Projects

• Fine scale ecological analyses (inventory, ecological monitoring…).

• Environmental assessments of plans and programs, strategies and environmental policies at the regional scale.

• Environmental and social impact assessment (EIES) in the framework of the MECIE Directive for every type of project.

• Creation of Planning and Management Plans (PAG), to manage and protect the areas that have complex issues of biodiversity and their associated natural resources as well as assisting developers in the implementation of their Environmental Management Plan of the Project (PGEP) and all other requirements from the National Office for the Environment (ONE).

• Communication, publishing and distribution of books: strategies and graphic charts, communication plans, booklets and naturalist books.

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