Biotope Morocco - Biotope Engineering Biodiversity BIB

Pair of Athene noctua, Larjam (Maroc) - Photo : V. Rufray, Biotope.

Biotope Morocco - Biotope Engineering Biodiversity BIB

Objectives and added value

Biotope has, since 2008, worked regularly with Morocco and the affiliate "Biotope Engineering Biodiversity" was created in December 2012. With the recent surge in electricity generation in Morocco, Biotope has increased its activities in the region. In order to facilitate client services and support local experts Biotope created an affiliate branch.  

For more information, download the presentation booklet on Biotope Morocco or contact directly the offices in Casablanca.

Atlantoxerus getulus, Assaka (Marocco) - Photo : X. Ruffray, Biotope.
Chamaeleo chamaeleon, Win-Timdouine (Marocco ) - Photo : F. Pruneau, Biotope.


Fine scale ecological expertise (inventory, ecological monitoring…),

Environmental evaluation of plans and programmes,

Environmental strategies and policies at regional scales,

Communication, publishing and distribution of books: strategies and graphic charts, communication plans, booklet, and naturalist books.

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Biotope has exported its expertise to Morocco for some time...