Barbastellus barbastellus - Photo : J. Tranchard, Biotope.


Reconciling wind power and bats

Initiated in 2006, the research programme Chirotech© was developed by Biotope in partnership with OSEO, the ADEME, the region of Languedoc Roussillon and numerous wind energy developers.

The system Chirotech© is developed from the establishment of a model of the behaviour of bats, in order to control the shutdown times of machines when there is an occurrence of large periods of activity from bats.

It guarantees a large reduction in the mortality rates of bats, with the added benefit of small losses of electricity production.

This system is currently in the process of implementation and commercialization, and today equips numerous wind farms in France and abroad.

Roquetaille wind farm - Photo : H. Lagrange, Biotope.

Nycteris, Marine Protected Area of Amboung (Sénégal) - Photo : J. Tranchard, Biotope.

Applications of Chirotech©

ChiroTech© allows the optimisation of the integration of wind turbines all the while limiting their impact on biodiversity:

• The momentary stopping of the rotary blades of the wind turbines during phases where the risk of collision with the bats is at its highest; it results in a mortality reduction rate in bats of more than 90% ;

• The technology is applied without jeopardising the cost effectiveness of electrical generation as the impact on energyproduction less than 0.3%.

• It is a system that functions well on existing wind farms as well as in future machines.

Drawing of Chirotech©

Schéma de ChiroTech© - Crédits : Biotope.


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