Rhinolophe euryale - Photo : T. Disca, Biotope.


A profession based solution for naturalist data

Shuriken is a solution in support of the management of naturalist data, developed since 2009, that today takes into account more than 3 million observations. It’s a client-server type solution that is supported by open-source tools running Geographical Information System software (GIS) as well as other forms of data collection needed by naturalists in their work (taxonomic, regulatory, geographic...).

This naturalist database allows a date entry of the observations in the field as well as the automatic processing of the information. In effect, the input of the observations takes place because of an intuitive system that is semi-automatic based on the updated taxonomic standards and processing of information that allows the publishing of tables, configurable by the user and exportable towards the formats that are most frequently used.

Botanist - Photo : F. Cosnuau, Biotope.

Shuriken - Photo : J. Cornet, Biotope.

Applications of Shuriken

Shuriken allows the production of extremely reliable standardized data:

• Centralization and analysis of information;

• Reliability and standardization of information input;

• Interoperability;

• Adaptation to the protocols of an inventory;

• Application of automatic processing.

 For more detailed information, contact the service of Research and Development or Biotope's Centre of Bourgogne office.