Geographical cover of the six European classifications  - Photo : B. Garnier, Biotope


Rapid and automatic identification of bats

The software SonoChiro® is software that automatically processes the ultrasound recordings of bats. It detects every signal from recorded bats and the inputs are then classified depending on the various parameters for each of them.

The information is then reproduced in a manner in which the user can obtain lists of the bats recorded, their identity (sex and species) and their behavior (rhythm of flight, social activity, hunting) as well as a level of confidence indicator for each identification made.

During the IBRC in August 2013 (International Bat Research Conference), the latest versions of Sonochiro were unveiled. Download the presentation from the event.

Natalus mexicanus - Photo : Y. Bas, Biotope.

Sonochiro interface - Photo : A. Escallon et B. Garnier, Biotope.

Applications of SonoChiro

Three years after the launch of the project, SonoChiro is used by over a hundred experts. It strongly increases the possibilities of data collection while considerably gaining time in the analysis of data. For more information regarding the use of the software, download directly the SonoChiro manual.

SonoChiro covers all of European species but also those of certain French overseas territories like Reunion Island and Guyana. New species were added to our existing database to allow us to expand our coverage to include Central America, the Amazonian Basin, the Lesser Antilles, and the MaghrebDownload the list of new species for these areas (except for the Maghreb).

Coming soon:

• An adaptation of the software to the sounds emitted by other animals (amphibians of the Antilles, European birds …).

To order SonoChiro, visit Club Biotope. If you wish more detailed information, contact the service of Research and Development.