Naturalists in action, Vias (Hérault) - Photo : M. Prat, Biotope.


In addition to its ethical values and entrepreneurial spirit, working with Biotope signifies :

•  Varied and exciting projects. At Biotope we value the fusion of innovation in project methodology, the synergy stemming from the interactions and varied experiences of our colleagues, and the diversity of projects we undertake.

•  Recognition for commitment and engagement. Biotope has a salary policy based upon a fair and equitable renumeration in recognition of the ongoing commitment for each employee. In addtion to a base salary, each employee receives bonuses and a generous benefits package (health insurance, Works Council, meal tickets, special rates with Biotope Publications).

•  An ongoing professional development program. Biotope offers its employees the opportunity to upgrade their fields of expertise and assists each person in the attainment of the own professional goals.

•  Take advantage of professional development during your career. The implementation of a professional development plan for our employees ensures an ongoing quality improvement in our services. Each expert has access to professional development throughout their career and each new employee is offered a workshop on our professions and work methodologies.  

•  Our working environment is one of professional equality and mutual respect . Biotope ensures that each employee is treated equally, we strive for gender equality in the workplace, and the average age of our workforce is 32 years of age. We value integrity and respect for the law. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Entomologist - Photo : F. Cosnuau, Biotope.