Naturalist expertise

Expert naturalist in action - Photo : A. Dhellemme, Biotope.

Naturalist expertise

Numerous projects for a wide selection of experts

Our professional naturalists undertake the field assessments and data analyses needed for project initiation. These baseline assessments are the starting point for many of Biotope’s projects, hence the importance of expert naturalists with a passion for their respective fields.

The projects undertaken by our field naturalists can involve a diversity of species and habitats including :

Fauna - molluscs, crustacea, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals (including bats and marine mammals) ;

Flora – fungi, mosses, ferns ;

Habitats - natural area ecosystems, aquatic habitats, marine and coastal environments.

Flora studies on cliffs, Réunion Island - Photo : Biotope.

Mission DREAL - Copyright : F. Cosnuau, Biotope.


Our experts base their analyses upon proven methodologies founded on a rich history of professional experience, either within Biotope, or through robust scientific sources Biotope accesses.

In addition to state-of-the-art inventory methodologies, Biotope offers innovative technologies developed through its R&D services, such as Aviscan for ornithological surveys.

With the clients’ permission, Biotope participates in a naturalist data sharing program where field observations are captured and shared for ongoing analyses.

Expert services :

Initial assessments, species inventories; 

Population monitoring ; 

Targeted sampling.

Butterfly capture for identification - Photo : F. Cosnuau, Biotope.