Ecological engineering

Quarry rehabilitation - Photo : T. Menut, Biotope.

Ecological engineering

Sustainable strategies for all activity sectors

Biotope’s services start from project inception through to project completion.

Our objective is to work with clients to achieve sustainable projects that are scientifically sound and integrated within an optimal framework of sound environmental and landscape practices.

Biotope provides services to public works project owners, large-scale developers, and project management groups in the private sector in all spheres of activities and contexts.

We provide a full-range of client services in ecological engineering as well as project management services. At all ‘life-cycle’ stages of project development, from conceptual through to decommissioning, Biotope provides management assistance to project owners for total project delivery.

Our consulting services ensure a seamless continuity throughout all facets of the project, a real asset in the environmental service provision.

ILO Project, La Réunion - Photo : M. Souquet, Biotope.

Construction equipment, Vallabrix quarry - Photo : M. Prat, Biotope.

Our approach

Our staff are engineers, environmental planners, biologists, landscape architects, and expert naturalists all working in close collaboration with Biotope’s legal and regulatory specialists.

Our shared objective is to deliver our services with a sound analysis of the regulatory framework for each project to ensure an optimal integration of project risk assessment within its environmental context.

Biotope has developed a quality control method stemming from its previous project management experience for whole project environmental performance, irrespective of its type, size or phase. This method, adapted for each project, is the outcome of a comprehensive process that allows ongoing environmental performance evaluation for either a specific phase, or the project as a whole, using corrective actions (examples and definitions below).

Our services

Our services are integrated into the phases of the life-cycle of a project :


Preliminary studies (initial assessment, pre-diagnostic of the projet site) ;

Feasibility studies and Project impact studies (ensuring the integration of key environmental and biodiversity elements underpinning the project, in particular during the technical and financial conceptual phases) ;

Landscape planning advice at the conceptual or project phase for development projects (Feasibility studies,  Landscape integration simulations, Development proposals) ;

Permitting and regulatory framework (Environmental Impact Assessment, Community consultation, Advice navigating the regulatory phases, Permitting documents for projects in protected areas, Landscape permits).

Beaver surveying for the LGV SEA project - Photo : P. Legay, Biotope.


Assistance with procurements and contractual documents (Design phase specifications, Assistance with tender and bid phases, and Corporate environmental performance analysis) ;

Assistance during construction phase (Environmental risk assessment, Environmental monitoring, Bio-indicator tracking and analysis).

Assistance with project handover (Detailed assessment of environmental performance, Assistance with environmental compliance, As-built verification).

Construction monitoring, La Réunion - Photo : Biotope.


Biological monitoring

Construction monitoring

Implementation and verification of compensation measures.


ILO Project, La Réunion - Photo : M. Souquet, Biotope.