Conservation and natural area management

Tetrax tetrax - Photo : V. Rufray, Biotope.

Conservation and natural area management

Conservation and sustainable development

Protected areas, like those within national parks, regional and national natural reserves, the Natura 2000 network as well as regional sensitive areas, play an essential role in nature conservation.  

Biotope intervenes throughout all phases of conservation project development, sustainability and and biodiversity initiatives.

Biotope’s role includes project managing to develop action plans for conservation and biodiversity restoration, financially supported by developers within a natural area compensation framework. Subsequent to the impact assessment amendments of the Grenelle of the Environment, compensation requirements are currently increased. Biotope provides advice and guidance for project owners throughout this process.

Eyed lizard, Tarn - Photo : S. Albinet, Biotope.
Kwa wetlands, Guyane - Photo : V. Rufray, Biotope.

Our approach

Biotope relies on its team of experts, ecologists and landscape architects specializing in natural area restoration.

We develop management plans for natural areas, species conservation plans, as well as determining ecological compensation requirements and follow-up studies post completion.

Biotope works in close collaboration with regional stakeholders throughout all project phases. Our objective is to establish realistic and scientifically sound operational measures. Our multi-disciplinary teams are a valuable asset in optimizing problem solving solutions.

Our services

Ecological engineering : preparation, implementation and plan monitoring for conservation, habitat restoration and rare/threatened species, as well as implementation of compensation measures, site rehabilitations, indigenous species recovery plans, and invasive species control or statutory exemptions to protected species legislation ;

State of the environment reports : ecological assessments (flora / fauna / habitat inventories, cartography), analysis and ecological modelling (ecological corridors, habitat fragmentation), definition of biological conservation zones and valued ecosystem components ;

Natural area management plans : inventory and analysis of heritage values in addition to socio-economic values and usage, stakeholder community consultation, action management planning, implementation and monitoring of conservation actions ;

Strategic planning and policy framework for sustainable use of natural resources : regional assessments, regulatory framework analysis, institutional capacity evaluation, revision and amendments to regional planning frameworks, aligning policy frameworks with operational planning, natural resource asset enhancement strategies;

Natura 2000 : impact assessments, environmental evaluations, management planning objectives (regional evaluations, elaboration of objectives and action planning), interpretive and education programs, guides, communication plans.

Lemur coronatus, Madagascar - Photo : M. Souquet, Biotope.