Ecological corridor mapping - Photo : C. Mathieu, Biotope.


Geomatics, GIS and cartography

Geomatics, which collects, organizes and delivers spatially refernced information (GIS), is an essential tool at Biotope where environmental information at any scale is analyzed and displayed.

It is both a technical and a communication tool, accessible to both experts and lay people. It allows the analysis and display of captured information for a given area that assists in decision-making or as a visual aide in communicating information.

Hydrological network mapping - Photo : C. Mathieu, Biotope.

Fauna passage - Photo : Y. Capon, Biotope.

Our approach

Biotope’s GIS cartographers are trained in the use of geographic information (data collectin, geo-referencing, database, and cartography) with a range of software packages including QGis, ArcView (Spatial Analyst extension) and MapInfo. Our geomatics team are experienced mappers with ongoing upgrades to their skills and knowledge.

Our services

Database : Design, development, application and management.


- Creation and enhancement of GIS,

- Photo-interpretation (pre-cartography and GIS diachronic analysis),

- 2D cartography (habitat cartography) and 3D (virtual projection),

- Mapping data analysis and display,

- Identification of regional green and blue corridors (specific methodology : Biotope connect),

- Modelling optimal project footprint and boundaries for species, natural features, heritage value, and landscape features,

- Modelling and landscape reconstruction (visual impact studies for wind turbines, for example).

Capacity building and technical assistance : Assistance with setting up your GIS system and technicians, and selecting system software, Q-GIS in particular.

Cartography - Photo : Biotope.