Ara Macao (Guyane) - Photo : V. Rufray, Biotope.


20 years of international experience

Biotope’s International Services exports the skills and expertise of its team of consultants in the form of field assessments, impact evaluations and advice. Our experts work in tandem with environmental and social impact assessments, as well as risk assessments for development projects.

Biotope’s specialty skills are grouped around conservation issues within the framework of feasibility studies and project assessments.

A large network of experts

Through its overseas partnerships, our team has developed a network of partners and widened its scope of practice with the resulting positive feedback loop of enrichment and experience.

Photo : X. Rufray, Biotope.

Langur - Crédits : Biotope.

Provide site-specific risk reduction through step by step support

Our first priority in overseas assistance is to provide our clients with the information needed to navigate the international and national regulatory frameworks, while ensuring development occurs economically efficiently with respect for the environment.

This approach not only provides optimal securitu from environmental risk for project developers, but also fosters a value-added element for government, agencies, investors and partners.



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