Dauphin de Fraser - Guadeloupe. Crédits V. Rufray, Biotope.
Marine environments and the energy of tomorrow

Today, it is possible to combine the marine environment with renewable energy via offshore wind turbines.

France has set itself the goal of building five offshore wind farms along the French coast and Biotope is currently engaged in their environmental assessments.

Bécasseau de Bonaparte - Guyane. Crédits : V. Rufray, Biotope.
Restoration and increasing centers of biodiversity

Biotope’s approach to ecological compensation is in accordance with biodiversity conservation goals as determined by the state or regional policy strategies in which a project is undertaken.

Biotope develops financial and legal mechanisms that guarantee long-term site use as well as oversight for funds allocated to biodiversity projects.

coenagrion mercuriale - crédits : B.Adam_Biotope
Leading provider of ecological engineering in...

As both a pioneer in its field and an independent consulting firm, Biotope set itself the challenge of making ecological expertise an actual profession incorporating an objective skill set.

Twenty years on, our business has kept steadfast in its commitment, ensuring ecological values and concerns are integrated into the decision-making process as our society develops.

Ariane de Linne - Cayenne. Crédits : V. Rufray, Biotope.
Innovation in the service of biodiversity

Biotope’s wildlife protection strategies include technical innovations that limit the impacts from development.

These innovations are developed by our Research and Development services with input from our entire staff of experts at Biotope. Continual improvements enable Biotope’s cutting edge approaches to their specialties in the environmental sector.

Flamant rose - Mozambique. Crédits : V. Prié, Biotope.
Sharing and publicizing natural history

Eager to share and reach as wide an audience as possible, Biotope created its own publishing house.

Thanks to its publications, Biotope readily makes available its knowledge of natural history to as wide an audience as possible.

Salaria fluviatilis - Ponte Vecchiu. Crédits : F. Melki, Biotope.
Water and wetlands

Protecting and preserving aquatic ecosystems, including wetlands and related environments, is an especially relevant issue in current resource management and requires specific expertise to address challenging scenarios.

Biotope has the tools and expertise to meet stringent client needs on all wetland themed projects.


At your side for more than twenty years, Biotope has facilitated the integration of ecology into the environmental assessment process for developments. A key player in the environmental sphere, Biotope's expertise guarantees an integrated and balanced approach to ecological values and optimal project delivery.,

Biotope draws on its multidisciplinary strengths to meet its client needs: environment and resource management practices, ecological assessment, expert advice, innovation and research, communication and in-house publication services. In choosing Biotope, you benefit from the combined resources of a full service consulting company, research expertise, creative communications solutions and professional publishing services.