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The need to protect the environment is becoming urgent and requires concrete and efficient solutions. That’s what we’re all about. Biotope brings together the largest team of ecologists at the European level. Our services are designed for businesses, communities, government services and NGOs. We provide consulting, regulatory studies, training and communication. Because environmental issues have no borders, Biotope conducts and supports projects and actions on all six continents and all five oceans.
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* Since 8 August 2016, the Biodiversity law requires project owners to transmit their biodiversity data whether in raw or optimised form to the INPN (France's national natural heritage inventory).

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We share our experiences and know-how to simplify the fulfilment of your obligations and bring value to your property. Owning natural farmland means you have to maintain, improve, monitor, invest in or restore your property.
These operations are often costly and can be even more complex if the property is difficult to access or is polluted, as in suburban areas. New sources of financing can be found to improve the protection and management of natural and agricultural land, particularly through environmental mitigation.
In this way, the acquisition, restoration and maintenance of sites of environmental interest can be funded in order to receive environmental mitigation measures.

Public data transmission

The naturalist data collected according to different protocols (IPA, transects, etc.) or randomly during ecological surveying carried out in the framework of regulatory procedures (environmental assessments), conservation programs (management plans, Natura 2000 objectives documents, etc.), research activities or the construction of structures must be submitted to the national natural heritage inventory managed by Muséum National d'Histoire Naturel (MNHN).

Facilitators at your service

Their mission is to facilitate discussions and act as an interface between your project and our partners assemblers of regulatory studies for development or urban planning projects. They perform environmental assessments for plans and programs, local urban planning and intra-community local urban planning and comprehensive zoning and development plans.
They address all environmental, social, physical and biological topics, assisting project owners in their administrative application procedures for environmental authorisations, and in preparing and drafting files (ICPE, IOTA).
This team is very involved in regulatory watches of all environmental topics, which means that it can offer high quality consulting services to assist you, avoid the pitfalls of this constantly changing regulation and guarantee a secure administrative instruction process (as secure as possible).
Finally, the team puts its skills to work for project owners to deploy environmental management systems (EMS), to provide assistance, coordinate environmental studies or projects for better environmental insertion of development projects.