Urban planning, leisure and sustainable city

Making urban environments more natural and in link with the regions

Vallée du Carol, par Antoine Chapuis, Biotope.

Environment and urban planning rights have evolved and put the environment at the heart of development choices. This means that municipalities have to rise to the challenge to continue to develop while protecting their heritage and their resources.

They also need to stay up to date on topics related to the organisation of the city and its regions so they can integrate environmental issues in urban development projects : local urban planning, comprehensive zoning and development plans, green and blue belts, black belts.

There has been a growing desire to make urban environments more natural, more anchored and in link with the regions in recent decades. We work on projects related to these issues, particularly on problems related to nature in the city, differentiated management and the management of green spaces.

Our actions on this topic

  • Program planning and assessments ;
  • Green and blue belts ;
  • Sustainable city ;
  • Differentiated management