Training: Biodiversity in cavity trees training

Assess and manage the presence of remarkable species

Awareness of the biodiversity of cavity trees

The “biodiversity in cavity trees” training given by Biotope meets several objectives:

  • Learn about the groups of species that are apt to find refuge locally in cavity trees;
  • Learn how to take account of the biological and regulatory issues related to cavity trees;
  • Identify supporting measures that promote biodiversity to implement during works, in compliance with environmental regulations.

The objective of the training is to give you the key elements that will enable you to assess the potential issues for cavity trees, to determine whether further studies are necessary and to propose measures enabling all the issues to be taken into account:  protected fauna, safety, upkeep of public areas, etc.

The programme

The training takes place over a full day.

The morning will take place in the training room and will be devoted to the theoretical aspects.  A commented slide presentation will be given to you so that all the trainees have the same level of information.  It will particularly describe the biological interest presented by cavity trees, the decomposition process of dead wood (saproxylation), the different regulations applicable to the biological issues for cavity trees, and possible management measures for ensuring both the safety of property and persons and compliance with environmental regulations.

The afternoon will be devoted to an excursion in the field, putting theory into practice.  You’ll go looking for signs of presence.  Together we’ll define the potential issues and the measures to put in place for each case studied during that field trip.

We’ll remain available after the training course! Biotope supports you in your projects to promote awareness of biodiversity in cavity trees;  this means you’ll benefit from an hour’s telephone assistance (cumulative time) to put your questions to us.


Target audience:  urban tree heritage managers, river technicians, forestry technicians, green brigade officers, Natura 2000 co-ordinators, etc.

Prerequisites: none

Contact address (information and registration):

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a customised training course.

VAT 0% + possible aids for finance (DIF, etc.)

Title of the training course

Dates and places

Biodiversity in cavity trees

Assess and manage the presence of remarkable species

27 Juin 2019 – Orthez (64)
Your trainer
Having worked professionally in natural environments for more than twenty years, Thomas has an excellent knowledge of the natural environments of Nouvelle Aquitaine.

A multidisciplinary faunist and an insect and bat specialist, he takes part in nature conservation projects and in the context of environmental assessments of developments.