The environment, the key topic of your communication

Our society attaches increasing importance to the social and ecological responsibility of its actors. Whether by disseminating information, raising awareness on newsworthy topics or sharing your responsible actions, there are many opportunities, many topics and many media that can be used to communicate, inform and explain.

And who could be more legitimate in assisting you than experts who are communication professionals and passionate about nature ?

Biotope Communication is an agency composed of a team with complementary profiles (ecologists, communication advisers, communications officers, artistic directors, graphic designers, illustrators, multimedia specialists, etc.). We are a communication agency specialising in environmental issues able to address more globally all of your information and communication problems.

Our fields of action

  • Develop your communication strategy (diagnostic, communication plan, action sheet, etc.) ;
  • Build your image, your identity or your project’s identity (logo, graphic charter, communication charter, position, etc.);
  • Promote your environment actions (communication and awareness campaign, activities, etc.) ;
  • Enhance your natural spaces (interpretive trail, nature walks, etc.) ;
  • Raise awareness about environmental protection (school talks, adult training inside or outside company, awareness tools, etc.) ;
  • Assist you with all your communication needs.