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Our training courses are designed for professionals who are concerned by environmental issues. We adapt our courses to you: environment and biodiversity officers, promoters of public and private projects, national and regional government agents, thematic lead experts within companies, on sites, etc.

We’ve been a training organisation since 1993, and our approach is based on putting students in real situations and outdoors, whenever possible.

We adapt our training courses to your needs by offering you training that is relevant and given by seasoned professionals.

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Wetland functions : Learn to mesure the impact of your project with the national method for assesment of wetland functions.

25-26 March 2020 – Paris (75)

3-4 June 2020– Paris (75)

7-8 October 2020 – Paris (75)

A few of our courses :

We adapt our training courses to your needs by offering you appropriate training that's provided by seasoned professionals. Use the contact form below to describe your needs. We'll be in touch.

Functions of wetlands

Functions of wetlands

Two-day course.
Objective :
- To fully understand the regulatory context on evaluating the functions of wetlands ;
- To know the data necessary to implement the national approach on the affected site and the compensation site ;
- To understand evaluation methods for hydrological functions, bio-geo-chemical functions and functions of completion of the life cycle of species ;
- To interpret the results obtained and propose measures to offset the functional loss observed on the impacted site.

SIG & environment

SIG & environment

- Introductory : A few fundamentals and introduction to a free solution, Q-GIS ;
- Q-GIS Level 1 : Creating a geographical information layer and a map in Q-GIS ;
- Q-GIS Level 2 : Spatial analysis and geo-processing with Q-GIS.

Ecological management of green spaces

Ecological management of green spaces

Two-day course.
Objectives :
- To obtain an operational knowledge base on nature in the city and the urban ecosystem ;
- To identify key tools for sustainable management ;
- To learn methods to engage a change in practices ;
- To be able to communicate this change to different audiences.