Launch of the PLUiH of the Sablé combined districts


An inventory is the first step in developing the intermunicipal urbanism and housing plan (PLUiH) of the combined districts (CDC) of Sablé-sur-Sarthe. The elected representatives are particularly keen to work toward a “joint” intermunicipal urbanism and housing plan (PLUiH).

The development of the PLUiH will enable the Sablé CDC to bring to fruition a 15-year vision for the region’s development and planning. This document project must be approved by the district council. Only then will it replace all the town planning documents of the communes of the CDC (RNU-national urban planning regulation in Pincé and Dureil; POS-land use plan in Juigné-sur-Sarthe, Asnières-sur-Vègre, Courtillers and Louailles; PLU-local town planning regulations for all the other 11 communes) as well as the local housing plan valid today.

The PLUiH will take at least 32 months and be done in six steps. While the steps have already been scheduled, the Economic Development Director of the CDC, Mélanie Duchemin points out that they are still just tentative because they were set as if “there were no obstacles”. The first step is a “regional diagnosis”, which began in January 2018. The three research offices selected (Biotope, Futur Proche and Idea) have already met all the communes to allow the elected officials to present their characteristics and describe what they each contribute to the community. Thematic workshops were held in February and March. Now it’s time to get out on the ground to meet with public bodies (departmental council, the Pays de la Loire region, etc.) and to call together the elected officials. This inventory, which identifies what is at stake, will be unveiled at the district council meeting on 22 June 2018.

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