Rehabilitation of the Bois-du-Chêne site in Isles-lès-Villenoy


From an unauthorised landfill to an ecological and bee-keeping project

In the town of Isles-lès-Villenoy (77), near Meaux, activities have been created on the private plots of the “Bois du Chêne”.  The site had been left derelict with  5 000 m3 of waste of all kinds. Located on the boundary of an agricultural area, the site was identified as a priority ecological corridor to be restored in the Ile-de-France. Given its ecological interest, a rehabilitation project with the establishment of a bee-keeping activity was set up with the help of the local authorities.

The funds which enabled the project to be realised came from volunteer activity for the cleaning stage, followed by ecological compensation for the restoration of the site.  The SAFER Ile-de-France purchased the land and identified a bee-keeping project leader to whom the site was re-assigned after renaturation.

Ecological compensation measures defined by Archipel will make it possible to ensure the long-term management of the site and the production of regular ecological inventories in order to ensure the functionality of this environment.

The waste clean-up was finished in March 2019 and after a month and a half of work, the application of topsoil enabled flower meadows to be sown.  A variety of shrubs will also be planted.  It has thus been possible to create an eco-system that is friendly to many species currently vulnerable in the Ile-de-France.

This project to rehabilitate an agricultural site in the Ile-de-France saw the light of day thanks to the co-operation of the SAFER IIe-de-France land engineering division, the ecological compensation solutions created by the Archipel scheme and the support of the local authorities.


Archipel is a company created in partnership between Biotope and the SAFER Ile-de-France. They have pooled their experience and know-how in order to put in place effective and efficient compensations in which they involve the local economic stakeholders.


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