Landscape Integration on Île de Monsieur


Located on the edge of the Seine, in the commune of Sèvres, Île de Monsieur is a registered site for its artistic, historic, scientific, legendary and picturesque character.

Yet, it was here that a building was constructed for the new metro, essential for both works and operation. Société du Grand Paris shared the functions: it will serve as an entrance and exit for tunnel boring machines, and as a safety shaft when the lines come into operation.

Any intervention affecting the state or appearance of Île de Monsieur requires a special authorisation from the Minister responsible for the sites. To obtain it, Société du Grand Paris Express called on Biotope for its expertise in landscape integration. After studying the context of this remarkable site, Biotope proposed measures to reduce the project’s impact. These measures include preservation of the vegetation, reduction of the size of certain site elements and the restoration of the site’s architectural language (colours, materials, etc.).

Biotope also performed the environmental impact study for the entire Grand Paris Express line 15 south and is working on the implementation of ecological compensation measures to restore fish spawning grounds on the banks of Île de Monsieur.


This report presents part of the considerations of Biotope in collaboration with the inspection by Sites et les Architectes des Bâtiments de France to promote the landscape integration of a construction site on Grand Paris Express the site.


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