Ecological restoration of the Wolong Lake Natural Reserve, Liaoning

Mission de restauration du Lac Wolong, Chine, par Xavier Rufray, Biotope.

This project (2014-2018) involves the ecological restoration of the entire lake, and in particular the water quality and the grassland habitats that are home to thousands of migratory birds such as the Siberian crane (critically endangered). All of the habitats had disappeared five years ago due to a lack of appropriate management and significant water pollution. Today in 2018, more than 100 000 water fowl, including 1 500 Siberian cranes frequent the site every year during migration.

We were commissioned by WLMC/French Development Agency to design the ecological restoration of the lake, drafting an ecological and water management plan. We also performed ecological monitoring of the return of the natural habitats and endangered species, and trained reserve staff in monitoring of species and natural habitats.