Identification of potential wetlands and issues in the Upper Seine area

In the context of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive Cadre (the “DCE”) and particularly with the aim of attaining good ecological status for the watercourses, the Seine-Normandie Water Agency considered all the wetlands to be a priority in its financial support policy for the 10th programme (2013-2018).  For the Upper Seine sub-basin, the preservation of the wetlands was identified as a priority for the Agency in its 2013- 2018 Territorial Priority Actions Plan.

To refine its action strategy and provide better guidance to the project owners for specific investigations (inventories, management, purchase, etc.) in the sectors at stake, the Seine-Amont directors wished to give details of its knowledge of the wetlands in a consistent way for all its territory, via some preliminary cartography (identification of the wetlands not included in the river corridors).  A phase of establishing a priority order for those wetlands was then carried out to direct the action programmes towards the sectors where the question of the wetlands most urgently needed addressing.