Creation of a buffer wetland in Fangshan

This 12-hectare wetland located at the discharge of the sewage plant in the Fangshan industrial zone was designed for Veolia/Yanshan according to three main objectives :

  • Tertiary plant purification (reeds and Lotus filter) at the station output before discharge in a lake, then a river ;
  • Increased biodiversity by creating a wetland also designed to preserve bird, amphibian and dragonfly species ;
  • Receiving the public because the wetland was in a public garden near a lake frequented by the local population.

Between 2017 and 2018, we designed the wetland (earthworks, hydraulic calculation and management, planting), monitored and supervised the works and designed boardwalks and site information panels.

Mission pour Véolia, création de la zone humide tampon à Fangshan, Chine, par Xavier Rufray.
Creation of a buffer wetland in Fangshan, China, by Xavier Rufray.