Impact study for the NEMO ocean thermal energy project

The project concerns the installation of a floating production platform for ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) with a gross capacity of 16 MW.  Under the platform are installed ducts ensuring pumping and seawater discharge.  To obtain the authorisations for construction and implementation of this project, which is innovative worldwide, a complete and precise environmental impact study was required, examining not only the biological and physical aspects but also human uses and activities, such as fishing, maritime traffic, whale-watching and other tourist and leisure activities.

The environmental assessment thus led to proposals for measures for avoidance and reduction of the impacts, as well as many monitoring measures, for a total cost of more than 2 M€.

We co-ordinated all the environmental assessment and integrated and analysed the expert reports from partners and other associated consultancies.  We were also in charge of drawing up and editing the global impact study and more especially produced the expert reports relating to marine mammals, birds, turtles, fishing, and heritage protections.  In addition, we advised and supported the project leader throughout its regulatory processes and in particularly with the French Environment Ministry, responsible for the examination of the project.