Dismantling and construction of dams on the Aisne and the Meuse

This project of dismantling and constructing 30 dams on the Aisne and the Meuse forms part of the programme of the Navigable Waterways of France (the “VNF”) for renovating waterways and structures, aimed at improving the reliability of water levels for all uses, contributing to reducing the impact of low floods, and ensuring that the structures are compliant with recent legislation: ecological continuity and safety of the hydraulic structures.

The project included, for each structure, the construction of means for fish to travel through it. After that, the chosen programme made it possible to share compensatory measures and to implement in priority the operations for improving the functionality of the watercourses, the aquatic environments, the wetlands and the transverse and longitudinal connectivity.  The last original feature of the programme was to define pre-identified geographic envelopes called “compensation envelopes” within which the compensation sites were sought on the basis of precise criteria.

Within the framework of authorisation applications, we accompanied the concession-holding consortium BAMEO (and the EMCC) from 2013 to 2014, then accompanied BAMEO from 2015 to 2017 in the various tasks of design and monitoring of the works.