Study of the wetlands in the Overall Actions Contract for the upper Essonne and the Pays Beauce-Gâtinais en Pithiverais

Delimitation of wetlands and action plan

The inventory process for the wetlands (pre-survey by aerial photography, phytosociological inventories and pedological surveys) forms part of the works programme for the Overall Action Contract for the upper Essonne and relates to the objective of improvement of the quality of the flood bed.  The perimeter of the Overall Actions Contract takes in the upper basin of the Essonne in the Loiret department:  the Essonne as far as Malesherbes, the valleys of La Rimarde and L’Œuf, its two tributaries, the basin head at La Juine and a part of the Beauce plateau, that is, a perimeter of 1,065 km².

This study was carried out in continuity and consistently with the previous work done in the region with the objectives of:

  • Identifying and mapping the wetlands in the communes of the Overall Action Contract for the upper Essonne within the meaning of the Order of 24th June  2008 (amended by the Order of 1st October 2009);
  • Characterising the state of deterioration and the functioning of the wetlands;
  • Prioritising the actions concerning the wetlands, working from the information collected during the field investigations;
  • Leading a discussion on the integration of the cartography of the wetlands into the territorial coherence scheme (the “SCoT”) for the Pays Beauce Gâtinais en Pithiverais.

The study’s aim is to create a cartography of the wetlands for commitment to an action programme to improve the wetlands’ quality.  The detailed breakdown of a cartography that can be integrated into the town planning documents for the catchment basin is intended to ensure that the land is safeguarded.